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Rosemount 498CL pH-Independent Free Chlorine Sensor


The Model 498CL-01 Measures free chlorine (hypochlorous acid plus hypochlorite ion) in water. The primary application is measuring chlorine in drinking water.

Rosemount 499ACL Free Chlorine Sensor


The 499ACL is a family of membrane covered amperometric sensors used for measuring free chlorine, total chlorine, and monochloramine. The Free Chlorine Sensor, 499ACL-01, does not require sample pre-treatment or expensive reagents to maintain. The Total Chlorine Sensor, 499ACL-02, eliminates the need for pH correction with a standard reagent sampling system. The Monochloramine sensor, 499ACL-03 does not use reagents or sample pre-treatment for measurement. All three sensors have an easily replaceable membrane that does not require special tools.

Rosemount FCL Free Chlorine Measuring System


The Rosemount Analytical FCL Free Chlorine System is intended for the determination of free chlorine in fresh water. The system consists of the sensor(s), an analyzer (either 56 Series Analyzers/ Controllers or 1056 Dual Input Analyzer) and constant head overflow cup to control sample flow. All components are mounted on a back plate. Unlike other free chlorine analyzers the Rosemount Analytical FCL doesn't use sample conditioning systems or messy reagents to control pH. The Rosemount Analytical FCL analyzer automatically compensates for changes in the pH of the sample.

Rosemount MCL Monochloramine Measuring System


The Rosemount Analytical MCL Monochloramine Measuring System is intended for the determination of monochlorine in fresh water. The complete system includes sensor, connecting cable, analyzer, and flow controller. The sensor is a Rosemount Analytical 499ACL-03 monochloramine membrane-covered amperometric sensor. Sensor maintenance is fast and easy requiring no special tools or fixtures.

Rosemount TCL Total Chlorine Analyzer


The Rosemount Analytical TCL Total Chlorine Analyzer is intended for the determination of total chlorine in water, including the determination of chlorine in seawater. The Rosemount Analytical TCL system consists of a sample conditioning unit, a sensor and either the 1056 Dual Input Analyzer (1056-24) or 56 Dual Input Analyzer (56-24). With no metal wetted parts this Rosemount Analytical TCL system is ideal for seawater. The sample flow rate is approximately a low 15mL/minute resulting in very little waste. The reagent-based system measures true total chlorine.

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