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ph/ORP Sensors

Rosemount 3300HT and 3300HTVP PERpH-X High Performance pH and ORP Sensors


Rosemount 3300HT and 3300HTVP PERpH-X High Performance pH/ORP sensors feature a robust design that significantly prolongs sensor life in complex applications. These rebuildable sensors work well in high temperature and high pressure processes and resist fouling, coating, and poisoning. Compared to other sensor designs, the 3300HT and 3300HTVP decrease the frequency of sensor replacement and provides you with faster pH/ORP response times and decreased drift.

Rosemount 3400HT/3400HTVP PERpH-X pH/ORP Retractable Sensors


Rosemount PERpH-X™ High Performance pH / ORP sensors incorporate several design innovations that prolong sensor life in difficult hot processes. High temperatures, fouling, coating and poisoning conditions cause increased deterioration of the glass pH sensing membrane. Use the 3400HT/3400HTVP to lower your total cost of ownership and avoid frequent sensor replacement.

Rosemount 3900 and 3900VP pH/ORP Sensor

The Rosemount Analytical 3900 and 3900VP General purpose pH/ORP sensor models are provided with a double junction reference, which protects the reference element from poisoning ions – such as ammonia, chlorine, cyanides, and sulfides – in the process. The double junction reference aids in the sensor's resistance to harsh environments and helps prolong sensor life. Both models are made with porous Teflon® junction positioned near the pH/ORP-sensitive membrane.

Rosemount TUpH Model 396 / 396VP pH/ORP Sensors

The Rosemount Analytical TUpH Model 396 / 396VP pH/ORP Sensors are specifically designed for improved life in harsh, dirty, and abrasive applications such as lime slurry waste treatment, paper machine headbox and pigment/dye applications, where large quantities of suspended solids are present.

Rosemount TUpH Model 396P / 396PVP pH/ORP Sensors

The Rosemount Analytical Model 396P / 396PVP TUpH pH/ORP Sensors are SMART enabled (-01). SMART preamplifier option is the standard option with the 396P. In addition, the 396P features an optional integral hermetically sealed preamplifier with 25 ft cable lengths. The 396P is housed in a molded reinforced polypropylene body with 1 in. MNPT threads suitable for insertion, submersion or flow through installation. The sensor includes a general purpose pH electrode or a platinum ORP electrode, a reference junction and a solution ground. The 396P comes standard with a recessed electrode; an optional slotted tip is also available. Automatic temperature compensation, Pt 100 or 3K Balco, is standard with the 396P.

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