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Items To Be Considered Before Calling For Start Up

How many units?

What is the Actuator/Master station Brand/Type/Model etc?

Are ALL units currently ready for start-up?

Do you have power to the actuator?

Does each actuator have a disconnect switch integrally mounted or nearby?

If disconnect switch is nearby, are they labeled properly and easy to locate? If not, disconnects must be labeled before start up.

Have Disconnect switches been tested? (i.e., do they turn off the power to the actuator)

Are all terminations complete on actuator and master-station?

Are the terminations correct?

What is the contact information for electrical sub-contractor?

Is the electrical sub-contractor on-site and available?

What is the contact information of the integration sub-contractor?

Is the integration sub-contractor on-site and available?

Are the actuator(s) readily accessible?

If actuators are in "hard to get" locations, contractor must supply and comply with ALL SAFETY AND OSHA REQUIREMENTS for the FCS employee.

Do all actuator/valve combinations have the ability to operate from open to close and from close to open repeatedly without limitation or disruption?

Note: service work will not be performed until this start up form is correctly filled out and signed by the client to be invoiced.

Additional charges will be applied to customers bill if...

the terminations to actuator(s) are not correct and an FCS tech has to evaluate and/or re-wire said actuator(s)

the start up is scheduled and an FCS tech is unable to perform start up duties due to any of the above issues or anything unrelated to FCS








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